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The Colopy Family Story

Welcome to the Colopy Family Geneology Home Page*

This is a story about three families, the Colopys, the Sapps, and the Arnolds. The story is told through several hundred individual pages, each interconnected by the same format used on the internet. You can start anywhere and end anywhere. However, it is probably easiest to start with the first entry for each family:

Jacob Colopy
George Sapp (II)
Anthony Arnold (III)

Just "click" on the name and start the story.

Or if you prefer, go directly a list of four generations of the Sapp Family or four generations of the Colopy Family. These lists are organized by generation so that you can see who your cousins are.

Descendants of George Sapp II
Descendants of Jacob Colopy

Finally, you may want to see a short "collage" of family stories. Click here for some interesting insights into some of the Sapp Family:

Historical Sample of the Sapp Family
Historical Sample of 6th Generation
Historical Sample of 7th Generation

*The information for this story was the result of a cooperative effort by Cheryl Quinn and Bob Rightmire. Major references were Family Tree Maker files v17t0047 and v20t2014; "St. Lukes Records 1829 - early 1900s", and "Western Maryland Catholics 1819-1851."