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Where in the World Is.....
Here are the most recently known email addresses for some of us.   If you want to be listed here or know of someone who does, please contact Tammy.

  • Debra Rightmire Hassing DHASSING1@aol.com
  • Glenn Rightmire GARAGIE@aol.com
  • Jill Rightmire Stockle MCXJ36B@aol.com
  • Kelly Smith Brooks BROOKSBK@adelphia.net
  • Pam Rightmire Martini MAD DOG PAM@aol.com
  • Patti Rightmire RIGHTMIREP@aol.com
  • Paul Rightmire prightmire@gemcomedical.com
  • Sarah Brown smbrown3@kent.edu
  • Shawn Brown BROWNSM2000@yahoo.com
  • Stacy Rightmire Bowles SBowles709@aol.com
  • Tammy Smith tammysmith@buckeye-express.com
  • Wendy Smith Simonson wendysmith@comcast.net
  • Judy Rightmire McKay Mom2Quilt@aol.com
  • Cindy Rightmire clbrown@apk.net
  • Roger Rightmire rogalangolf@aol.com
  • Bob Rightmire RobertR652@aol.com
  • Carole Smith carolesmith@buckeye-express.com
  • Laurie Rightmire LRightmire@aol.com
  • Jennifer Rightmire Williams LilJennn1@aol.com
  • Jillian Rightmire SoccerQueen1025@aol.com
  • Jason Rightmire Bulldoggg1@aol.com
  • Scott Rightmire Scootyy@aol.com
  • Jake Brooks  buckeyeman24@adelphia.net
  • Alex Brooks  ajbrooks24@adelphia.net
  • Todd Rightmire todd@mtbaker.wednet.edu  (contacted us through this website).   He is a descendent of Archibald Rightmire - his grandson is Todd's great-grandfather.   Todd is the Director of Career and Technical Education, Agriculture Instructor, Mount Baker High School.   Drop him a line!