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David Rightmire

David Rightmire

David Rightmire

Melbourne -

David E. Rightmire, 68, died Thursday, May 31, 2001, at home after a long illness.

Mr. Rightmire was born in Northfield, Ohio and moved to Melbourne in 1965.

He owned and operated his own business in Brevard for many years and was well known in the community.

Dave will always be remembered for his loving and giving ways by all that knew him.

Mr. Rightmire was preceded in death by his loving wife, Elizabeth "Betty" Rightmire. He is survived by his two sons, Scott Rightmire of Melbourne and Bill Rightmire of Palm Bay; his daughters, Pam Martini of Sebastian and Cheryl Cole of Deltona; ten grandchildren, Brandi, Jennifer, Christie, David, Billy, Matthew, Jason, Jillian, Christopher and Amanda; and four great-grandchildren, Tyler, Lacie, Brody and Brooke.

Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday, June 4th at Fountainhead Memorial Funeral Home in Palm Bay. Visitation will be held one hour prior to services.

(Read at David Rightmire's funeral, June 4, 2001 by his sister, Carole Smith)

To my Brother, David.

So many memories continue to come to the surface for me as I think about you have influenced my life.

I remember , , , , ,

1. When Toby (our pet dog) was hit by a car on Route 82, and we ran to the scene. I remember you making every attempt to revive Toby--to bring life back into his body. The heartache that you experienced was immense. You were such a wonderful example of kindness.

2. Playing hide and seek, kick the can, green light, red light with you, Bob, Duane and lots of neighborhood kids. You liked to win, but somehow, I felt you were always looking out for your little sister--ME

3. Our tricking Grandma Rightmire into thinking we were geniuses as we put a small portable radio in the back of a console model that hadn't worked for such a long time. I still remember your grin, when Grandma asked, "how were you able to fix this radio?" And you said, "it really wasn't that difficult".

4. The visits to Uncle Rene's farm and the animals. You loved all those animals, and it was so amazing how they all gravitated to you-I now know that you possessed something very very special that the animals felt and somehow knew that you would never hurt them.

5. Walking (plowing) thru major snow drifts to get to the supermarket to purchase bread and milk for the family during the major snowstorm of 1950. You somehow forgot how much taller you were than I, and kept telling me to "hurry up, what's the problem?"

6. The story of when Mrs. Wells, your high school teacher at Nordonia, attempted to stimulate interaction with her students. (as the story was told by Dad) Mrs. Wells stated (one day) , "now, class, please feel free to ask any question you might have of me, because that is what I am here for", and you (as the story goes) said, "oh, is that what you are here for, I've been wondering for sometime what you are doing here". She didn't like that too much.

7. The Sheriff in Northfield coming to the house on Halloween night. When Dad opened the door, the Sheriff asked if you were home. Dad said something like, "yes, just a moment I will get him". You weren't real eager to come downstairs, but relunctantly did, and the story was conveyed, that you (with some help from your Friends) had tuned over an"outhouse" of the mayor or someone like that . Apparently, this guy was inside-so some folks were a little upset about the incidence. The Sheriff said he would have to "take you in for questioning" or something like that, and Dad said "okay" and off you went. I cried and cried that night and was so scared for you. You probably didn't know that, did you?

8. Some difficulty your junior year in high school, where there was some concern about your attending Bob's graduation. I cannot remember the specifics, I just remember Mom telling Mr. Patton (or Boliantz) that if you were not allowed to participate, she would not attend either. I think you were at Bob's graduation, werne't you?

9. The night before you left for Military Service, I remember hearing Dad crying in the bedroom that night. It was scary for me, and I knew that you were embarking upon an adventure that included some major risks. Dad and Mom were so sad and I didn't want you to leave.

10. Your marriage to Betty in August. You were so handsome in your Navy uniform and you were so much in love with this wonderful woman. And that was a great reception at Charron's home. Your continued dedication and love for Betty was so remarkable.

11. The birth of Scott, Pam and Bill and the many hours we spent together at Mom's house with the kids swimming in the pool. These memories and so many others will stay with me for the rest of my life.

12. I remember your continued care, concern and love for Dad and Mom. Your building an addition onto your house, so that they could get away from the cold and snow in the winter, and spend more time with you and your family.

13. When Jim and I almost lost our infant daughter, Kelly, you and Betty didn't even blink before you were on the Turnpike heading to Toledo, You were so helpful and understanding and once, again, I was reminded that your love for me would never be questioned.

14. I remember so vividly how difficult it was for you when Dad's health was failing, and you drove up to Northfield so many times to be with him and to comfort Mom. Thank you being there for them; and thank you for helping me grieve this horrendous loss.

15. Of course, I remember your caring for Betty and the horrendous grief when Betty died. Betty's passing took so much of your life and energy-I just knew that your heart was broken and that if you could have figured out how to "pass" with her, you might have done that. Of course, I watched you as you tried to "be strong" and be there for your kids and grandkids. I cannot even imagine how very very difficult those days and nights must have been for you.

16. Then, only a few months later, you came North to be with us as our brother, Duane struggled for life and eventually died of cancer. I know that facing these events without a partner is so very difficult, and you came and you were with us, and we thank you.

David, I love you so much, I thank you for your love of Betty, Scott and his family, Pam and her family, Bill and his family, Mom and Dad, and all of our family. It is hard to "let you go" but it is comforting to know that the struggles for air and strength are over for you. I know that you are at peace and that you can rest now knowing that All is Well. And, I believe that if not now, very soon, you will have your own reunion with Mom, Dad, Duane, Betty, and all of our relatives who have passed on before us.

We are with you now and will continue thru eternity.
God Bless You Always. June 3, 2001