Rightmire Family News

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Section 1. Henrietta Rightmire and Solomon Jarvis

(1) Henrietta Rightmire was born in Taylor County, West Virginia probably between 1770 and 1780 . She married Solomon Jarvis. Solomon was born in 1772 and died in 1852. There are several men with the name Solomon in the Jarvis family - so it is difficult to track. According to the records of Vernon Vinzant, Henrietta and Solomon had eight children. I also found a Family Tree Maker file listing the same eight children. While there are many differing and confusing records about the many Solomon Jarvis's, the records most likely to be valid seem to agree that Henrietta married the Solomon Jarvis born in 1772 and they had eight children:

(2) Granville E. Jarvis, born in 1829 in Pruntytown, Taylor County, Virginia. He married Ann Marie Reeves on June 18, 1850 in Philippi, Barbour County, Virginia. Their family is covered is Section 2.

(2) Angeline E. Jarvis, born June 13, 1835. She married John Cobaugh Byrer September 05, 1853 in Philippi, West Virginia. We have considerable information on the family of Angeline and John Cobaugh Byrer. Their family is covered in Section 3.

(2) Margaret Jarvis. Margaret married Isaac Stickler.

(2) Mary Ellen Jarvis. Mary Ellen married Nathan Taft.

(2) Henrietta Jarvis.

(2) Columbia Jarvis. Columbia married William Thomas Ice. According to the information in Family Tree Maker file v27t1452, Columbia and William had seven children:

(3) William T. Ice, Jr., born in 1872; died in 1932.
(3) Elizabeth B. Ice.
(3) Robert B. Ice.
(3) Margaret Ice. Margaret married Fred O. Blue.
(3) Nellie M. Ice.
(3) Grace Ice. Grace married James E. Morrison.
(3) Columbia V. Ice. Columbia V. married John H. Zirkle.

(2) William D. F. Jarvis.

(2) Solomon Jarvis, Jr.