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Section 1. John and Ann Rightmire

1) John Rightmire was born in either 1769 or late 1768. He married a woman named Ann (last name unknown). The Barbour County, West Virginia 1850 Census, taken on September 21, 1850 lists the following Rightmires:

Rightmire, John, 81 years old, Male, Farmer, Born in Virginia
Rightmire, Ann, 75 years old, Female, Born in Virginia

Rightmire, John A., 38 years old, Male, Sheriff, Born in Virginia
Rightmire, Sarah, 35 years old, Female, Born in Virginia

Rightmire, Margaret, 17 years old, Female, Born in Virginia
Rightmire, James, 15 years old, Male, Born in Virginia
Rightmire, Solomon, 14 years old, Male, Born in Virginia
Rightmire, Archibald,10 years old, Male, Born in Virginia
Rightmire, Amelia A., 8 years old, Female, Born in Virginia
Rightmire, Harriet, 6 years old, Female, Born in Virginia
Rightmire, Sarah, 4 years old, Female, Born in Virginia
Rightmire, John B., 2 years old, Male, Born in Virginia

John and Ann Rightmire lived together at one location, all the other Rightmires lived together at a different location. Clearly, John A. is the son of John and Ann Rightmire, Sarah is John A.'s wife, and the rest are the children of John A. and Sarah.

The Barbour County, West Virginia, Mt. Olive Cemetery Records give the following burial dates (may be the same as date of death):

John Wrightmire 6-17-1852 age 83 yrs
Ann Wrightmire 10-22-1859 age 84 yrs

Based on the census shown above, information from Jim Rightmire and Vernon Vinzant, and several Ancestry.com and Family Tree Maker files, I believe that John and Ann had seven children:

(2) Jane Rightmire. The Monongalia County Records of the District, Superior and County Courts, volume 6 (1805-1808), page 336 state that on July 11, 1808, "Jane Rightmire was summoned to testify on behalf of Jno Rightmire". Presumably Jno is John. We assume that Jane is the daughter of John and Ann. Based on Jane testifying in 1808, I would guess that she was born in the early 1790s.

(2) James Rightmire was born in 1797. James married Harriet Lake June 20, 1820 in Harrison Co., Virginia (now West Virginia). Section 2 in this chapter covers the family of James Rightmire and Harriet Lake.

(2) Mary Rightmire, born 1798, in Virginia. She married William Davidson, March 27, 1823, in Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia). Mary died August 02, 1890.

(2) Elizabeth Rightmire. We have several files from both Ancestry.com and Family Tree Maker showing an Elizabeth Rightmire marrying a Solomon Jarvis. Solomon was born in 1796 and he and Elizabeth were married on August 19, 1822. I would guess that Elizabeth was born around 1800. I believe that Elizabeth is a child of John and Ann Rightmire, based primarily on the fact that the Jarvis family came to Barbour County, West Virginia area through a land grant given to veterans of the Revolutionary War. In my opinion, Elizabeth's approximate birth date and probable location makes it likely that she is a daughter of John and Ann. I suspect she was born in the twelve-year gap between the birth of Mary Rightmire (1798) and Julia Ann Rightmire (1810).

(2) Julia Ann Rightmire, born in 1810. Julia married Burrell B. Butcher in Harrison County, Virginia sometime before 1840. Burrell was born in 1808 and died in Illinois in 1841. Julia and Burrell had two children, (3) Ely Butcher born in 1838 and (3) Elizabeth (Bettie) Butcher born in 1840.

(2) John A. Rightmire was born in 1812. John married Sarah Ann Hart. Julia Ann Rightmire and John A. Rightmire are probably brother and sister. Sarah Ann Hart and Burrell B. Butcher, Julia's husband, are first cousins. John A. Rightmire apparently was a farmer all of his life. Based on the census report above, Johannes and Sarah had at least eight children:

(3) Margaret Rightmire, born in 1833 in Virginia (now West Virginia).
(3) James Rightmire, born in 1835 in Virginia (now West Virginia).
(3) Solomon Rightmire, born in 1836 in Virginia (now West Virginia).
(3) Archibald Rightmire, born in 1840 in Virginia (now West Virginia).
(3) Amelia Rightmire, born in 1842 in Virginia (now West Virginia).
(3) Harriet Rightmire, born in 1844 in Virginia (now West Virginia).
(3) Sarah Rightmire, born in 1846 in Barbour County, West Virginia.
(3) John B. Rightmire, born in 1848 in Barbour County, West Virginia.

(2) Sally Rightmire was born in Harrison County, West Virginia. Information on Sally comes from three sources: Vernon Vinzant's "Descendants of John Rightmire", Gedcom file number H3846, and Barbour County Books of Deaths I 1853 - 1919. Sally married Hanson L. Hoff and they had a least one child. Sally died October 8, 1855 apparently during the birth of their second child. We have no record of that child.

The child born to Sally and Hanson is:

(3) Orlando Pursell Hoff, born in 1847. From file H3846, we know that Orlando was the father of at least one child:

(4) Mary Leona Hoff, born 1887. Mary married Worth Gordon Bennett on February 13, 1909. Worth Gordon died in 1961 and Mary Leona died in 1971. Mary and Worth Gordon had three children:

(5) Marjorie Bennett, born 1909. She married Henry A. Rutherford and they apparently were living in Kensington, Maryland. They had two children, (6) Gordon Henry Rutherford, born about 1930 and (6) Davis Ames Rutherford, born about 1932.

(5) Bernard Orlando Bennett, born 1911, died 1913.

(5) Betty Bennett, born 1912. Information in file H3846 indicates that Betty retired to Florida and was still alive as of the date of that file.