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Section 10. Isadora May McGinnis and Calvin Cyrus Neal
(Isadora May4 McGinnis, Sarah Jane3 Rightmire, Benjamin2, James1, Sr.)

(4) Isadora May (Mae) McGinnis was born on June 16, 1879 Hardin County, Ohio. She married Calvin Cyrus Neal on April 30, 1898. Calvin was born in Auglaize County, Ohio on August 4, 1869. Calvin died on November 29, 1958 in Logan County, Ohio. Isadora died about a year later, on February 11, 1960. She died back in Hardin County.

In 1999, Carol White noted: "Isadora Mae was my grandmother. She was a very tall lady around 5'-11 at least and so was her sister, Maud. My oldest sister that is still living is 6-1 and I am 5-7. I sure am glad I quit growing. I also came from a very large family, there were ten of us. Now only my oldest sister, my youngest brother, and I are left."

Isadora and Calvin had five children:

(5) Robert B. Neal was born in 1899 and died in 1899.

(5) Blanche Ellen Neal was born on February 20, 1901 In Hardin County, Ohio. She married William Perry Price. William was born on September 20, 1897, also in Hardin County, Ohio. Their family is discussed in Section 12.

(5) Hazel Ruth Neal was born in 1904. She married Wilbur Allen Spurgeon. Wilbur died in 1964; Hazel died in 1972. They had one child: (6) Lyla June Spurgeon, born in 1924. She married James Edward Delong. James Edward died in 1982. Lyla and James had three children:

(7) Diane Sue Delong, born in 1947. She married Alfred Park. They have two children: Mechelle Huffman and Nichole Rudisell Huffman.

(7) Joyce Elaine Delong, born in 1950. Joyce married an Epps (first name unknown). They had two children: Jamie Epps and Tiffany Epps

(7) James Allen Delong was born in 1954.

(5) Floyd David Neal was born in 1907. He married Florece Boroff. Both Floyd and Florece died in 1978. They had three children: David D. Neal, Ruth Ann Neal, and Kathy Ann Neal

(5) Ira Herbert Neal was born in 1916. He married Claris L. McGee. Claris died in 1965; Ira died in 1982. They had two children: Herbert Eugene Neal and Byron Neal.