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The Colopy Family Story

The Rightmire Family Story
(An Encyclopedia of the Rightmire Family)

Introduction - The Rightmire Family

Chapter I. "Father Rightmire", John, Henrietta, James, Sr., and Robert

Chapter II. John Rightmire
Section 1. John and Ann Rightmire

Section 2. James Rightmire and Harriett Lake
Section 3. Alpheus Rightmire and Cassie Ford

Chapter III. Henrietta Rightmire
Section 1. Henrietta Rightmire and Solomon Jarvis

Section 2. Granville E. Jarvis and Ann Marie Reeves
Section 3. Angeline E. Jarvis and John Cobaugh

Chapter IV. James Rightmire, Sr. and Elizabeth Daugherty

Chapter V. Robert Rightmire
Section 1. Robert and Sussanna Rightmire

Section 2. Benjamin and Maria Rightmire
Section 3. Samuel Rightmire and Harriet Nixon

Chapter VI. Mary (Polly) Rightmire

Chapter VII. Elizabeth (II) Rightmire and John Madden

Chapter VIII. James Rightmire, Jr.
Section 1. James Rightmire, Jr. and Lydia Critchfield

Section 2. Lewis Critchfield Rightmire and Martha E. Welker
Section 3. Milton Rightmire and Eva May Carley
Section 4. James Rightmire and Nannie (Nancy) Dailey
Section 5. Porter Rightmire and Kate Taylor

Chapter IX. Benjamin Rightmire
Section 1. Benjamin Rightmire and Martha Holt

Section 2. William Rightmire and Margaret Ellen Kimmel
Section 3. Harrison Rightmire and Melinda Wilson
Section 4. Sarah Jane Rightmire and Charles Wesley McGinnis
Section 5. Martha Edith Rightmire and James William Miller
Section 6. Ada Elizabeth Rightmire and Moarion Sylvester Stradley
Section 7. James William Rightmire and Alice Margaret Usher
Section 8. Vernon Elmer Rightmire and Evangeline Christiansen
Section 9. Fetus Meeks McGinnis and Alice M. Orr
Section 10. Isadora McGinnis and Calvin Cyrus Neal
Section 11. Milton Bryan Rightmire and Doris Irene Cameron
Section 12. Blanche Ellen Neal and William Perry Price

Chapter X. Sarah Rightmire and Moses Thompson

Chapter XI. John R. Rightmire
Section 1. John R. Rightmire and Hannah Critchfield

Section 2. Daugherty Rightmire and Margaret Ann Ballard
Section 3. Eleanor Rightmire and Joseph C. Hutchinson
Section 4. Daisy May Rightmire and Frank A. Bone
Section 5. Jessie B. Rightmire and Margaret Alice Smith
Section 6. Nellie B. Rightmire and Aaron F. Smith
Section 7. James Edward Rightmire and Hazel Marie Herbold
Section 8. Cliffie Agnes Rightmire and Joseph Ostertag
Section 9. Maude (Montie) Bell Rightmire and Frank E. Hermanson
Section 10. Jerry Carl Rightmire and Ann Mable Rigdon
Section 11. James Louie Rightmire and Ana Bel Ramig

Chapter XII. Jane Rightmire and David Harrod

Chapter XIII. William Rightmire and Lucinda Welker

Chapter XIV. Issac Rightmire

Chapter XV. Harrison Rightmire
Section 1. Harrison Rightmire and Amy Critchfield

Section 2. Lydia Rightmire and Solomon Headington
Section 3. Winfield Scott Rightmire and Mary Alice Colopy
Section 4. Ida Rightmire

Chapter XVI. Mahala Rightmire and John Trott

Chapter XVII. Abraham Rightmire and Elizabeth Sidgreaves

Appendix A. Johannes Richtmeyer & Sons

Appendix B. John Ludwig Richtmeyer
Section 1. John Ludwig Richtmeyer
Section 2. Jacobus Richtmeyer and Sophia Speder
Section 3. Phebe Rightmire
Section 4. Lewis Rightmire
Section 5. Cornelius Rightmire and Mary Ann Day

Appendix C. Conrad Richtmeyer
Section 1. Conrad Richtmeyer and Judith Winne
Section 2. Jurg W. Reichmeyer and Anna Hommel
Section 3. Elizabeth Rightmeyer and Peter (Petrus) West

Appendix D. George Washington Rightmire

Appendix E. Louis Rightmyer and Matilda Meisner