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Section 2. James Rightmire and Harriet Lake
(James2 Rightmire, John1)

(2) James Rightmire was born in 1797. James married Harriet Lake, June 20, 1820 in Harrison Co., Virginia (now West Virginia). Vernon Vinzant provided the following excerpts on the James Rightmire - Harriet Lake family from the publication, "UPPER MONONGAHELA VALLEY", pages 959-960.

"This family has been known to have been residents of Virginia since the latter years of the eighteenth century, and possibly one generation before that date."

"(I) James Rightmire was brought up if not born in Barbour county, Virginia. Among his children was a son named Alpheus…."

"(II) Alpheus, son of James Rightmire, was a native of Taylor county, Virginia, born in 1821. He followed farming for his occupation, and was sturdy and successful in his undertakings in life, being an excellent citizen and prosperous. He married and had children, including a son called Adolphus…"

"(III) Adolphus, son of Alpheus Rightmire, was born in Taylor county, Virginia, near the city of Grafton, March 16, 1851. He was educated at the public schools and at the West Virginia College, near Flemington. For five years he taught school winters and went to school at other periods. He engaged in the growing and shipping of cattle for five years. In 1884 he embarked in the mercantile business at Grafton. In 1893 he organized the first wholesale grocery company in Grafton, Pennsylvania. Two years later he sold out this business, and in 1899 removed to Morgantown, where he engaged in the real estate and lumber business, being a large owner in realty and other valuable property. Since 1895 he has been engaged in the oil industry, owning five wells in Greene county, Pennsylvania."

"Politically Mr. Rightmire is a Jeffersonian Democrat. He belongs to the Elks order. He married, in September, 1877 Augusta, daughter of J. H. Barnes of Taylor county, West Virginia. Children: Byron W., Ina, Edna, Beulah. Mrs. Rightmire died in May, 1889."

"(IV) Byron W., son of Adolphus and Augusta (Barnes) Rightmire, was born in Taylor County, West Virginia, March 31, 1880. He secured a good education at the public school and later entered the West Virginia University. After leaving the University he had charge of the water, gas and electricity in Morgantown. He then went to Oklahoma and engaged in the grocery business, also handled large quantities of meats. From that he shifted to the real estate business, and after two years located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he took up real estate work. Upon his return to Morgantown he engaged in lumber and builder's supplies, under the firm name of Rightmire & Shriver. Their factory was burned and Mr. Rightmire, with his father, rebuilt the plant, where the business is now carried on. Mr. Rightmire purchased thirty-five acres of land, formed a stock company, known as Lockview Land and Water Company, of which his father was president and he acting secretary and treasurer. He then bought a large tract of land under the firm name of Rightmire, Rohsbough & Thornhill, called the West Morgantown First Addition. With all of these various business operations, Mr. Rightmire has accumulated considerable property. He belongs to the Elks order. In December, 1909, he married Nellie, daughter of Henry Baker."

We have considerably more information than is given in the above publication. In addition to Alpheus, we know that James and Harriett Rightmire had six other children. Their seven children are: (3) Elizabeth Ann Rightmire, (3) Alpheus Rightmire, (3) John A. Rightmire, (3) Cindrelda Rightmire, (3) Susan Rightmire, (3) Edward J. Rightmire, and (3) James M. Rightmire. I have no information on Cindrelda or Susan, other than their name. The following summarizes the information I have on the other five.

(3) Elizabeth Ann Rightmire born December 7, 1820. She married James Bailey on November 28, 1839 in Harrison Co., West Virginia. Elizabeth and James had five children:

(4) Harriett Bailey born October 09, 1840 in Taylor County, West Virginia. Harriett married William J. Newlon on July 22, 1861 in Taylor Co., West Virginia. Harriett died March 13, 1873.

(4) Marshal Bailey born March 10, 1843. Marshal died June 1923.

(4) Thornsbury Morton Bailey, born January 01, 1848. He married Mary Martha Davidson. Thornsbury died on October 19, 1875.

(4) James Baxter Bailey, born November 27, 1852 in Taylor County, West Virginia. He married Anna Arminta Summers. James died March 29, 1914. He and his wife are both buried in Astor Cemetery, Taylor Co, West Virginia.

(4) Octavia Bailey, born January 27, 1857. She married Russell Morrison.

(3) Alpheus Rightmire, born in 1821 probably in Taylor County, West Virginia. His story is told in the above publication. He married Cassie Ford on March 20, 1845. The family of Alpheus and Cassie are covered in Section 3.

(3) John A. Rightmire. John married Katharine Newlon on March 1, 1854 in Taylor, West Virginia.

(3) Edward J. Rightmire, born in 1831, probably in Taylor County, West Virginia. Edward married Agnes Riley on December 13, 1855 in Taylor, West Virginia. They had one child, Harriet A. Rightmire, born on April 30, 1861 in Wood County, West Virginia.

(3) James M. Rightmire, born 1837 in Wood County, Virginia. He married Sarah Woodyard on October 9, 1861 in Wood County, West Virginia. They had one child, Jacob B. Rightmire, born 1863.