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The 'Rightmire Report'

Chapter XV. Harrison Rightmire

Section 1. Harrison Rightmire and Amy Critchfield
(Harrison2 Rightmire, James1, Sr.)

(2) Harrison Rightmire, the tenth child of James Rightmire, Sr. and Elizabeth Daugherty, was born in the year of 1816 in Ohio. Although it is clear from the will of James, Sr. quoted earlier, that Harrison went by the name, "Harrison", his actual name may have W. Harrison Rightmire. Harrison signed the will of his father-in-law, Joseph Critchfield, as W. Harrison Rightmire:

"To the Honorable Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Knox, Ohio, we the children and heirs of Joseph Critchfield deceased, have mutually agreed that Lewis Critchfield and Perus Critchfield, sons of said deceased, shall be the administrator of said estate and pray your honors to appoint them administrators as witness by our names."

"10 Nov. 1851"

Signed: "Nathaniel Crichfield, Mesheck Crichfield, John Critchfield, George Crichfield, James Rightmire, Leidia Rightmire, Hannah Rightmire, W. H. Rightmire, Amy Rightmire"

The "Amy Rightmire" who signed the will was Harrison's wife and the daughter of Joseph Critchfield. Harrison married Amy Critchfield sometime before 1843, although we have no reference to specifically when or where. Amy Critchfield was born in 1817 in Ohio.

Harrison died in 1903 at the age of 84. He was buried in the Old Jelloway-Drake Cemetery, Howard Twp, Knox Co., Ohio. This cemetery is 1/2 mile west of Junction of Cornish Rd (Township Road 242) and Magers Rd. (County Road 35). The Cemetery Records Of Knox County, Ohio--Volume 1 has the following information:

Rightmire, Harrison, born 1816, died 1903
Rightmire, Amy, wife of Harrison Rightmire, born 1817 died 1907
Rightmire, Isaac, son of Harrison and Amy, born 1847 died 1882

Amy and Harrison had eight children:

(3) Lydia Rightmire, born in 1843, married Solomon Headington. Section 2 covers Lydia, Solomon and their family.

(3) George Rightmire was born in 1845. His wife is Sarah Rightmire, but we have no record as to what her maiden name was or when they were married. Sarah was born in 1856. Ohio Death Certificate Index 1913 to 1937 reports that George Rightmire died on September 25, 1924, and Sarah died on November 12, 1924, less than two months after George. They are buried in Workman Cemetery, Union Twp. Knox County, Ohio.

(3) Isaac Rightmire was born in 1847 and died in 1882. He was buried in the Old Jelloway-Drake Cemetery, Howard Twp, Knox Co., Ohio, along with his mother and father. The Cemetery Records Of Knox County, Ohio----Volume 1 simply report:

Son of Harrison and Amy
Isaac Rightmire, born 1847, died 1882

(3) William Rightmire was born in about 1849. We know very little about him. The note from Dianna Suarez is about the only information we have about William's life:

"A William Rightmire was living with Solomon Headington and Lydia Rightmire during the 1870 Winnesheik Co., Census was 19 years old, born in Ohio and listed as a farm laborer. Solomon is listed as a farmer and born in Ohio. Lydia is also listed as born in Ohio. There are several other Headingtons listed in the same area."

Although we can't be sure, it is possible that William worked on the farm with his sister and brother-in-law as a farmer. The Ohio 1910 Census Miracode Index lists a William Rightmire, age 60, in Knox County. They also list "Nency", age 50, as his wife. I believe this was really intended to be Nancy.

(3) Winfield Scott Rightmire was born on August 31, 1852. Winfield married Mary Alice Colopy ("Grandma") in Knox County, Ohio on July 3, 1886. Section 3 covers Winfield Scott, Mary Alice and their families.

(3) Mary E. Rightmire was the sixth child of Amy and Harrison Rightmire. She was born in 1855. Mary married Anthony Welker on November 02, 1875 in Knox County, Ohio. Mary and Anthony had three children:

(4) Ada Welker, born on November 27, 1876 in Howard Township, Knox County, Ohio.
(4) Burgess Welker, born on October 01, 1878 in Howard Township, Knox County, Ohio.
(4) Francis D Welker, born on November 24, 1881 in Howard Township, Knox County, Ohio.

(3) Joshua Rightmire was born in 1859, the seventh child of Amy and Harrison. He was a younger brother of Grandpa Winfield, and an uncle of Dad's. Again, I have no further information on Joshua.

(3) Ida Rightmire, born in 1862. Ida Rightmire never married. Her story is told in Section 4.