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Section 12. Blanche Ellen Neal and William Perry Price
(Blanch Ellen5 Neal, Isadora May4 McGinnis, Sarah Jane3, Benjamin2, James1, Sr.)

5) Blanche Ellen Neal was born on February 20, 1901 In Hardin County, Ohio. She married William Perry Price. William was born on September 20, 1897, also in Hardin County, Ohio. William died on August 9, 1963 in Logan County, Ohio. Blanche died ten years later, on July 15, 1973, also in Logan County, Ohio. Blanche and William had ten children:

(6) William Leroy Price was born in 1920. He married Patricia Lavern Mabry. Both died in 1982. William and Patricia had two children:

(7) Pamela Kay Price was born in 1951. She married Nathan Brewer.

(7) Steven Craig Price was born in 1954. He married Angela Doris Johnson. Steven and Angela had two children: Sandra Kay Price, born in 1984 and Shelly Coleen Price, born in 1994.

(6) Calvin Clifford Price was born in 1921. He married Blanche Susan McGee. Blanche died in 1990 and Calvin in 1993. Calvin's second wife was Ila Poe. Calvin and Ila had no children; Calvin and Blanche had five children:

(7) Malinda Ellen Price was born in 1946. She married Dennis Calvin Fisher. They have two children: Jacquiline Denise Fisher, born 1966, (married Karl Dewitt Barkhorst, had one child, Ryan Gregory Barkhorst) and Susan Elaine Fisher, born 1971.

(7) Gerald Lee Price was born in 1948. He married Joalene Margaret Duke. They have three children: Garrett Lee Price, born in 1976, Martha JoAlene Price, born in 1978, and Garth Richard Price, born in 1980.

(7) Calvin Eugene Price was born in 1951. He married Beverly Copeland. They have three children: Emily Ann Price, born in 1975, Benjamin David Price, born in 1980, and Abigail Janelle Price, born in 1986.

(7) Richard Dean Price was born in 1953. He married Beverly C. Knack. They have two children: Brittany Gail Price, born in 1985 and Nicholas Lawrence Price, born in 1986.

(7) William Nathaniel Price was born in 1954. He married Cheryl Fulmer. They have three children: Danielle Ann Price, born in 1977; William Nathaniel Price, born in 1979; and Nicole Christine Price, born in 1980.

(6) Elizabeth Mae Price was born in 1923. She married James A. Davis. They have one child:

(7) Judith Ann Davis was born in 1944 and died in 1944.

Elizabeth then married Guy E. Oates on Jan 23, 1948. They had two daughters:

(7) Rebecca Jane Oates, born on September 23, 1948. Rebecca (Becky) died about three weeks after a very bad car accident where a drunken driven hit her broadside, she had never married and passed away on October 30, 1974.

(7) Deborah Ann Oates was born August 14, 1951 and married Ron Hord on December 27, 1970. They had three children: Scott Hord, Jason Hord and Jennifer Rebecca Hord. Scott Hord married Lisa Armini and has one son Dominic Christian Hord. Jason Hord married Crystal Kleman and have no children. Jennifer just graduated from college, not married yet.

(6) Thelma Louise Price was born in 1925. She married Jack Calvin Lawrence. Jack died in 1971; Thelma died in 1983. They had five children:

(7) Jack Calvin Lawrence, Jr. was born and died in 1943:

(7) Phylis Ann Lawrence was born in 1946. She married Steven Steel. They had one child: Jeffrey Scott Steel, born in 1967. He married Mary E. Miller.

(7) Phillip Allen Lawrence was born in 1948. He married Patricia A. Weichart. They have two children: Michelle Lee Lawrence, born 1969, (married Patrick Will, have one child: Andrew Patrick Will, born 1982) and Phillip M. Lawrence, born in 1975.

(7) Richard Lee Lawrence was born in 1952. He has one child: Eric Jan Lawrence, born in 1977.

(7) Donna Jeanne Lawrence was 1955. She has one child: Jessica Nicole Lawrence, born in 1984.

(6) Wilbur Perry Price was born in 1928. He married Joan Nell Herring. Wilbur died in 1975. Wilbur and Joan had three children:

(7) Vickey Lee Price was born in 1950. She married Larry Hanson. They have two children: Brien Edward Hanson, born in 1971, and Dawn Brien Marrinier, born in 1974. Dawn has one child: Makalya Leigh Hadley, born in 1993.

(7) Rickey Dee Price was born in 1952. He married Barbara Neill. They have five children: Melinda Price, born in 1972, Dandi Lee Price, born in 1983, Rickey Dee Price, born in 1984, Christopher Neill Price, born in 1987, and Michael Truman Price, born in 1988.

(7) Daniel Perry Price was born in 1957.

(6) Irene Rosemary Price was born and died in 1930.

(6) Dona Ruth Price was born in 1931. She married Charles Wedel. Dona's second husband was Kenneth Robert Evans. Kenneth died in 1996; Dona died in 1998. Dona and Kenneth had no children; Dona and Charles had one child: Matilda Ellel Wedel, born and died in 1956.

(6) Marguerite Lois Price was born in 1933. She married Billy Lee Wynegar. Maguerite died in 1975; Billy in 1981. Marguerite and Billy had four children:

(7) Jack Wayne Wynegar, born in 1952. Jack married Carol A. Blair. They have three children: Sonny Rainsburg, born in 1975, Jackie Wynegar, born in 1976, and Melisa Wynegar, born in 1979.

(7) David Lee Wynegar was born in 1955. He married Karen Manns. They have three children: Wendy Wynegar, born in 1975, Jamie Wynegar, born in 1978, and Becky Wynegar, born in 1982.

(7) James Allen Wynegar was born in 1959.

(7) Guy Lee Wynegar

(6) Carol Jean Price was born on March 12, 1937 Belle Center, Ohio. She married Kenneth Eugene White on February 23, 1955. Carol White is very active in the Rightmire genealogy group and was the person that provided most of this information. Kenneth died on November 25, 1998 in Logan County, Ohio. Carol and Ken have one child:

(7) Kenneth Michael White was born in 1955. He married Karen Lynn Powell. They have two children: The first child, Tomi Jo White, was born in 1978, married Bradley Glenn Simms, and they have one child: Jaden Laron Simms, born in 1999. Kenneth and Karen's second child is Casey Eugene White, born in 1988.

Kenneth Michael's second wife is Sheila Ann Cupps. They have one child: Paul Corbet Geuy, born in 1989.

(6) Ronald Victor Price, born in 1942. He married Jean A. Landon. They have two children: Rhea Jean Price, born in 1966 and Ronald Victor Price, Jr., born in 1976.