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The Colopy Family Story

Section 1. Jacob(1) Colopy and Delilah Sapp

(I) Jacob Colopy was born June 02,1802. He married Delilah Sapp on September 18, 1825. Delilah was the daughter of George Sapp and Catherine Arnold. Delilah was born August 23, 1805 in Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland, and died May 19,1861 in Danville, Ohio. Jacob died January 11,1890. Children of Jacob and Delilah are:

(2) Timothy Colopy, born in 1826, in Danville, Ohio. He married Theresa Doyle in 1850. Timothy died in 1851, in California.

(2) Jonathan Colopy, born on July 18, 1828, in Danville, Ohio. He married Sarah Jane Berry on February 20,1856 in St. Luke's Church, Danville, Ohio. See Section 2 for family details.

(2) Sarah Catherine Colopy, born on February 27,1830, in Danville, Ohio. She married Abraham C. Black on July 19,1846, in St. Luke's Church, Danville, Ohio. Sarah died November 08, 1846, in Danville, Ohio.

(2) Edward Colopy, born on March 12, 1832. He married Harriet Farguhar on January 17,1861 in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. See Section 3 for more details on Edward and his family.

(2) Joseph Hill Colopy, born on December 01,1834, in Danville, Ohio.

(2) Levi Francis Colopy, born December 31, 1838, in Danville, Ohio. He married Melissa A. Durbin, on October 27, 1880, at St. Luke's Church, in Danville, Ohio. The only additional information we have on Levi is a Christmas card from Delila to Mary Alice Rightmire, given below.

(2) Delila Anne Colopy, born July 07, 1841, in Danville, Ohio. Delila sent Mary Alice (Colopy) Rightmire a Christmas card from Buckeye City, Ohio, postmarked 12/26/09, but dated 12/24/09:

"Dear Niece,"
"Levi is some better again. This leaves us all as well as usual. With love to all."

We assume Lila is Delila and Levi is her brother, Levi. She must have been living with her brother and wife in or near Buckeye City, Ohio in 1909. She would have been 68 years old at the time. Levi would have been a few days short of his 71st birthday.

(2) Mary Matilda Colopy, born on July 29, 1844, in Danville, Ohio. She married Augustus Gaume, on September 12, 1871, in St. Luke's Church, Danville, Ohio. Mary died November 18, 1911, in Danville.

Section 2. Jonathan Colopy and Sarah Jane Berry
(Jonathan(2), Jacob(1))

(2) Jonathan Colopy was born July 18,1828 in Danville, Ohio. He married Sarah Jane Berry on February 20,1856 in St. Luke's Church, Danville, Ohio. She was born October 01, 1832.

Jonathan was the second son of Jacob and Delilah Colopy. He was a farmer and stockbroker. He was reared in Danville, receiving a common-school education, after which he remained with his father until his marriage. He was twenty-eight years old when he married Sarah Jane. Sarah was the daughter of James and Lucy Berry, born in Guernsey County, Ohio on October 1,1832. He and Sarah then moved to Brown Township, Knox County, Ohio on a farm of eighty acres. The farm was given to them by Sarah's father, James Berry. Three years afterward, in the Spring of 1859, Jonathan bought forty acres of land adjoining them on the west; in 1861, two hundred and seventy-five acres adjoining them on the south and southwest; in 1868, ten acres on the west; in 1871, eighty-two acres on the north; in 1872, twenty more on the north. In all, they had five hundred, ninety-two acres on the farm where they lived. They also owned three hundred and eighty acres in Union Township, Knox County, making a total of nearly one thousand acres.

Mr. Colopy also owned a share in the woolen mills at Gann and was the owner of a portable saw-mill. He is considered an energetic and shrewd farmer. Notwithstanding all his losses, he had accumulated a large amount of property. From 1877 to 1880, he paid ten thousand dollars security money, and at the same time erected a very fine dwelling house at a cost of five thousand dollars.

Sarah Jane (Berry) Colopy died Sept. 17, 1864 at the age of thirty-two years. Jonathan remained a widower. He and his family were members of the St. Luke's Catholic Church, located near Danville. Jonathan died February 1911 in Danville, Ohio.

My grandmother, Mary Alice Colopy, had a family picture that we found in my father's trunk after my mother and father had both died. We could not identify this picture until recently. I received a forwarded email from Cheryl Quinn, seeking any information on the Colopy's. I sent the unidentified picture and got an immediate response. The family picture I had sent was a picture of her family - the Colopy family. She not only identified the picture, and most of the people in it, but she also knew when the picture was taken. Her comments:

"This picture was taken in 1928...that is confirmed by the baby on Margaret McMahon's lap since she was born in 1928....This baby (gosh her name is right out of my head...) also owns a copy of this same picture."

Cheryl provided almost all of the information in this report. We are very grateful to her - for she helped us find a part of our family that we thought had been lost, forever. The picture, itself, is too large to effectively reproduce as part of this report. However, I have copied pictures of several of the individuals discussed in this report from the larger picture and included them in this report.

Children of Jonathan Colopy and Sarah Jane Berry

Jonathan Colopy and Sarah Jane Berry had three children

(3) James Edward Colopy, born December 6, 1856. He married Margaret J. McMahan on May 23rd, 1888 in St. Luke's Church, Danville, Ohio. James died December 15,1903 in Danville, Ohio. See Section 4 for family details. Margaret is shown in the picture holding a baby:

Margaret and baby

(3) Lucy B. Colopy, born October 13, 1858. Lucy married Louis G. Welker on October 7, 1879 in St. Luke's Church in Danville. Louis had resided in Howard Township, Knox County. They lived there on a farm given her by her father. Lucy died July 15, 1939, in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Lucy and Louis had at least one child: (4) Alice Welker. Lucy and Alice were also in the picture and are shown below:

Lucy and Alice

(3) Mary Alice Colopy was born May 3, 1864, just 4-1/2 months before her mother's death. Mary Alice married Winfield Scott Rightmire on July 3, 1886 in Knox County, Ohio. Winfield was born on August 31, 1852. Mary Alice and Winfield Scott are seated in the center of the picture:

Mary Alice and Winfield

Mary Alice and Winfield had two children:

(4) Edwin Rightmire, born August 24, 1890 in Clinton Township, Knox County, Ohio
(4) John Duane Rightmire, born January 17, 1899 in Clinton Township, Knox County, Ohio.

Section 3. Edward Colopy and Harriet Farguhar.
(Edward(2) Colopy, Jacob(1))

(2) Edward Colopy was born March 12,1832. He married Harriet Farguhar on January 17,1861 in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Edward and Harriet had seven children:

(3) Joseph Colopy, born October 19,1861 in Danvil1e, Ohio.
(3) Camilla Colopy, born July 05, 1863 in Danville, Ohio.
(3) John Colopy, born Apri1 26, 1865 in Danville, Ohio.
(3) James Edwin Colopy, born August 21,1867 in Danville, Ohio.
(3) Bernard Levi Colopy, born April 11, 1872 in Danville, Ohio.
(3) Julius Leander Colopy, born April 11, 1872 in Danville, Ohio.
(3) Mark Colopy, born February 05,1877 in Danville, Ohio.

Section 4. James Edward Colopy and Margaret J. McMahon
(James Edward(3) Colopy, Jonathan(2), Jacob(1))

(3) James Edward Colopy was born December 06, 1856 in Danville, Ohio, He married Margaret J. McMahon on May 23, 1888 in St. Luke's Church, Danville, Ohio. James died December 15,1903 in Danville, Ohio. Margaret died in 1946 in Canal Fulton, Ohio. As noted above, Margaret is in the picture holding the baby.


Children of James and Margaret are:

(4) Charles Colopy, born March 15, 1886 in Danville, Ohio. He married Mary Mickley on May 18, 1911 at St. Luke's Church in Danville, Ohio. James died April 12, 1955 in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Charles and Mary (May) are both in the picture. Charles and Mary are Cheryl's Grandparents.

Charles and Mary

Charles and Mary had seven children. Marie Colopy, Mary Pauline Colopy (Cheryl's mother), Lewis Colopy, Ruth Colopy, Theresa Colopy, and Grace Elizabeth Colopy, and Charles Colopy, Jr. Six are shown below. Charles Colopy, Jr. died in 1922, before the picture was taken, after being kicked in the chest by a horse.

Mary Pauline
Grace, Theresa, Ruth, Lewis

(4) Lucy Leona Colopy, born April 30, 1888. Cheryl Quinn notes: "I don't know for sure but I'm guessing that [Lucy] died very young because Helen was always referred to as the only daughter."

(4) James Berry Colopy, born July 11,1890 in Danville, Ohio. He died a few months later, on December 15, 1890 in Danville, Ohio.

(4) Robert Emmett Colopy, born February 20,1892 in Danville, Ohio. He married Gertrude W. Madigan, on June 30, 1920.

Robert and Gertrude are in this picture.

Robert and Gertrude

(4) Donald Levi Colopy, born April 14, 1894 in Danville, Ohio. He married Florence Blanchard on April 16, 1919 at St. Luke's Church in Danville, Ohio. Donald died in 1963, in Knox County, Ohio. Donald and Florence are also in the picture, shown below:

Florence and Donald

(4) Margaret Mary Colopy, born April 01,1896 in Danville, Ohio.

(4) James Leo Colopy, born February 08, 1898 in Danville, Ohio. James' wife's name is Mary, but Cheryl does not know her maiden name. They are also in the picture and are shown below:

Mary and James Leo

(4) Helen E. Colopy, born November 07,1900 in Danville, Ohio. Helen died April 24, 1939, Near Mt. Vernon. Cheryl remembers Helen. "Helen was a teacher in an area around Mt. Vernon until her death in 1939. She was at a dance somewhere around there - like a barn dance - and the place caught on fire and she was the only casualty. She was trampled by the crowd...my mother spoke of her often...very often. In fact, my mother's youngest sister is living and when I brought her up recently my aunt burst into tears." Helen was in the picture and is shown below:

Helen E. Colopy

(4) Paul Edward Colopy, born February 26, 1904 in Danvi1le, Ohio, is the youngest son of James and Margaret. He is shown below:

Paul Edward Colopy