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Section 9. Fetus Meeks McGinnis and Alice M. Orr
(Fetus Meeks4 McGinnis, Sarah Jane3 Rightmire, Benjamin2, James1, Sr.)

(4) Festus Meeks McGinnis was born on January 2, 1875. He married Alice M. Orr on March 21, 1906. He died on July 4, 1942. Alice died in 1958. Festus Meeks and Alice had seven children:

(5) Thelma Marie McGinnis was born in 1906. She married Robert D. Bailey. They had one child: Roger McGinnis Bailey.

(5) Helen Mae McGinnis was born in 1908. She married Alfred Gorley Patterson. They had ten children: Edwin Patterson, Mary Jane Patterson married Oral Chamberlain, Alfred Patterson, Jr., Larry E. Patterson, born 1938, died 1998, married Louise Bayes Proctor, James Patterson, Mike Patterson, Joseph Patterson, Maxine Patterson married Sam Pemberton, Jo Ann Patterson married Herb Litteral, Marge Patterson married Fred Chasteen.

(5) Stanley Melvin McGinnis was born in 1910. He married Mary Alice Johnson. Mary Alice died in 1969 and Stanley died in 1974. Stanley and Mary had one child: Carol McGinnis married Junior Jones; they had eight children: Cindy Jones married Ronald Irick, Sharon Jones married Tony Gason, Janet Jones married Mark Fonner, Gary Jones, Linda Jones married Robert Fultz., Alan Jones, Nancy Jones married Michael Penny, Jeff Jones.

(5) Golda Mildred McGinnis was born in 1913. She married Ivan Edward Kuaile. Golda Mildred died in 1976. Golda and Ivan had two children:

(6) Edward Dwain Kuaile was born in 1930. He married Treva Alvina Kemper. Edward and Treva had two children: Susan Kuaile was born in 1965, and David Kuaile was born in 1967.

(6) Richard Kuaile

(5) Earl M. McGinnis was born in 1915. He died in 1996.

(5) Howard M. McGinnis was born in 1922. He married Hazel Fry. Howard died in 1996. Howard and Hazel had seven children: Keith McGinnis, Michael McGinnis, Joan McGinnis, Ed McGinnis, James McGinnis, Larry McGinnis, Maxine McGinnis.

(5) Pauline M. McGinnis was born in 1920. She married Ralph Yoesting.