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Section 5. Martha Edith Rightmire and James William Miller
(Martha Edith4 Rightmire, William3, Benjamin2, James1, Sr.)

(4) Martha Edith Rightmire was born July 10th, 1864 in Walnut Bureau, Illinois. She married James William Miller on September 12, 1884 in Creston County, Shannon City, Union, Iowa . Martha Edith died on June 15, 1935 in Wasco, Kern, California. Martha and James William Miller had seven children.

(5)Nettie May Miller was born on June 15, 1885 in Shannon City, Iowa. Nettie married Harry H. Downey on December 20, 1905. Nettie died January 4, 1953 in Fairfax, Marin County, California.

(5) Edward Emery Miller was born on February 10, 1887 in Shannon City, Iowa. Edward married Myda May Parker on October 23, 1924 in Julesburg, Colorado. Edward died November 13, 1949 in Eugene Lane, Oregon. Edward and Myda had four children:

(6) Iona Marie Miller was born in 1925. Iona married Thomas D. McHoes. Thomas was born January 3, 1913; he died on September 30, 1994. Iona and Thomas had five children: (7) Glenna McHoes, (7) Lois McHoes, (7) Peggy McHoes, (7) Scott McHoes, (7) Eddie McHoes

(6) Virgil Eugene Miller was born on September 29, 1927 in Sarben Keith, Nebraska. He married Betty McClure on July 2, 1955 in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Virgil died April 30, 1981.

(6) Donna Maxine Miller was born April 5, 1930 in Sarben Keith, Nebraska. She married Phillip Pugmer on August 6, 1948 in Santa Barbara, California. Donna died on February 4, 1999.

(6) Marilyn Rose Miller was born May 11, 1937 in Eugene Lane, Oregon. She married Jose S. Melin on August 20, 1961 in Lowell Lane, Oregon. Marilyn died on March 5, 1987 in Eugene Lane, Oregon.

(5) Robert Ray Miller was born on February 18, 1889. Robert married Hilma Elvera Olson on June 7, 1915 in Sarben Keith, Nebraska. Robert died on February 26, 1955 in Sarben Keith, Nebraska.

(5) John William Miller was born on December 9, 1891 in Shannon City, Union County, Iowa. John died on April 2, 1940 in North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska.

(5) Maryann E. Miller, daughter born on June 10, 1894 in Elwood, Gasper County, Nebraska. Maryann married Edward V. Jennings on March 20, 1920. She died on October 6, 1969 in North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska.

(5) Charles Franklin Miller, son born on May 20, 1897 in Fairbury, Jefferson, Nebraska. Charles married Beatrice Iva Boyer on May 12, 1918. He died September 1, 1947 in Bakersfield, Kern, California.

(5) George Rightmire Miller, son born on December 5, 1909 in Powell, Jefferson, Nebraska. George died April 7, 1972 in Salina, Monterey, California.