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Section 4. Sarah Jane Rightmire and Charles Wesley McGinnis
(Sarah Jane3 Rightmire, Benjamin2, James1, Sr.)

(3) Sarah Jane Rightmire, born August 14, 1846 in Ohio, is the seventh child of Benjamin and Martha Rightmire. Most of our information on Sarah comes from the records of Carol J. White. Sarah married Charles Wesley McGinnis on August 4th, 1872 in Hardin County. P. Moore was the Minister. Charles McGinnis was born on June 17, 1846 in Ross County, Ohio and died August 23, 1892 in Hardin County, McDonald Township, Ohio. Sarah Jane Rightmire died May 16, 1907, also in Hardin County, McDonald Township, Ohio and is buried in Harvey Cemetery in Hardin County.

Sarah and Charles had ten children:

(4) William Miller McGinnis was born on July l, 1873; died on May 16, 1907 William never married.

(4) Festus Meeks McGinnis was born on January 2, 1875. He married Alice M. Orr on March 21, 1906. He died on July 4, 1942. Alice died in 1958. Their family is discussed in Section 9.

(4) Louis Marquis McGinnis was born on February 11, 1877, but died a week later, on February 18, 1877.

(4) Charles and Sarah had an infant born on February 2, 1878 but died the same day, February 2, 1878. The child was never named.

(4) Isadora May McGinnis was born on January 15, 1879. She married Calvin Cyrus Neal on April 30, 1898. Isadora May, Calvin and their family are discussed in Section 10. Carol J. White, their granddaughter and very active in the Rightmire geneology group, provided most of the information about the McGinnis family.

(4) Arabella Maud McGinnis was born on September 24, 1880. She married James L. Killough. We know she was a "tall lady" from Carol White's note, given in section 6. She died in 1952 and James died in 1965. Arabella and James had six children:

(5) Mary Burdella Killough was born in 1903. She married Guy E. Benchoff. Guy died in 1978; Mary died in 1982.

(5) Margaret Mae Killough was born in 1905. She married Ira H. Steele.

(5) Gertrude Iona Killough was born in 1907. She married Lewis D. Stackhouse. Gertrude died in 1971; Lewis died in 1972.

(5) Ira Emmerson Killough was born in 1914. He married Opal Boyce.

(5) Leonard Merle Killough was born in 1916. He married Elgie Steele. Leonard died in 1952.

(5) Eva Mable Killough was born in 1918. She married Arthur Shoup. Eva died in 1967.

(4) Charles M. McGinnis was born on October 9, 1880 and died at age 1 year, six months on April 9, 1882.

(4) Charles and Sarah had another infant born on March 17, 1884, that again died the same day, March 17, 1884. That child was also never named.

(4) Cody Melvin McGinnis was born on June 21, 1887 and died on January 31, 1932. He married a woman named Margaret, but I have no other information.

(4) G. Luther McGinnis was born in 1889.