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Chapter IX. Benjamin Rightmire

Section 1. Benjamin Rightmire and Martha Holt
(Benjamin2 Rightmire, James1, Sr.)

(2) Benjamin Rightmire was the fourth oldest child of James, Sr. and Elizabeth. He was born on March 17, 1809. According to 1830, 1850, and 1860 census data, Benjamin was born in Ohio. Benjamin's tombstone confirms the March 17, 1809 birth date. His parents were most likely in Ohio then, and Ohio is most likely his birth place.

Benjamin married Martha Holt in Coshocton County, Ohio on August 29, 1860. Alice Beyke, great-great-granddaughter of Benjamin Rightmire found their marriage license recorded in records of Coshocton County, OH. Benjamin's family lived in Union township, Knox County, Ohio at that time. Union township borders Coshocton County on the west. At the time of his marriage, it is very likely that Benjamin lived in Union township, Knox County.

Martha Holt, Benjamin's wife, was born in Maryland on July 18, 1815.

The Ohio census, June 4, 1860, taken just two months before he died, gives interesting data on Benjamin and Martha It lists the following:

Name: Benj. Rightmire Martha
Age: 52 .44
Sex: Male Female
Occupation: Farmer --
Value Real Estate $4000 --
Personal Estate: $950 --
State Born: Ohio Maryland

Benjamin (1809-1860) died at age 51, within two months of the 1860 census. He was buried in Fultz Cemetery, Hardin County, Ohio. Martha died Jan. 12, 1875 at age 61. They are buried under the same tombstone. The following was taken from their tombstone:

Benjamin died Aug. 29, 1860; age 51yrs, 5mo, 17days
Elizabeth H. died Sept. 26, 1858; aged 15y, 8 d; dau of Benj. & Martha Rightmire
Martha died Jan. 12, 1875; age 61y, 6m; Wife of Benjamin
Nancy died Apr. 9, 1836; age 9m, 1d; dau of Benj. & Martha
Sarah Jane died Sept. 26, 1874; age 11m, 22 days; dau of U. & M. Rightmire

The last notation is interesting. As noted below, their last daughter, Sarah Jane, was born August 14, 1846. She would have been 28 years old on September 26, 1874, not 11 months and 22 days. And who is U Rightmire? We don't know.
Benjamin and Martha had seven children:

(3) William Rightmire, born on Sept. 6, 1834 in Hardin County, Ohio. We have information on the William Rightmire family for several generations. The stories are well developed and provide real insight into our families. Section 2, later in this Chapter, discusses the William Rightmire family.

(3) Nancy Rightmire, born July 8, 1835 in Ohio, died April 9, 1836. She was the second child of Benjamin and Martha, was born July 8, 1835 in Ohio. She lived to be 9 months and one day old.

(3) Harrison Rightmire, born Feb. 1839 in Ohio, was the third child of Benjamin Rightmire and Martha Holt. He was born in February 1839 in Ohio. His family is discussed in Section 3.

(3) Mary Rightmire, born about 1841 in Ohio, is the fourth child of Benjamin and Martha Rightmire. According to the 1850 Ohio census, she was born in Ohio in about 1841. She married Edward Wilcocks.

(3) Elizabeth H. Rightmire, born Sept. 16, 1843 in Ohio, is the fifth child of Benjamin and Martha. She was born September 16, 1843 in Ohio. The only records we have on Elizabeth are the 1850 census and her tombstone. Elizabeth H. died Sept 26, 1858, at age 15 years and 8 days.

(3) Martha Rightmire, born Aug. 20, 1844 in Ohio, is the sixth child of Benjamin and Martha. She was born August 20, 1844. According to the 1880 Ohio census, she married Gordon Wilcox, who was a farmer in McDonald Township, Hardin County Ohio. Martha died on January 3, 1922 and is buried in McDonald Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio.

Martha and Gordon had four children: (4) William E. Wilcox was born in 1868, (4) Mary E. Wilcox was born in 1870, (4) Martha J. Wilcox was born in 1877, and (4) Sarah Belle Wilcox was born in 1879. Sarah married George Edward Morris. Sarah Belle died in 1953.

(3) Sarah Jane Rightmire, born August 14, 1846 in Ohio, is the seventh child of Benjamin and Martha Rightmire. She was born August 14, 1846 in Ohio. Sarah married Charles Wesley McGinnis on August 4th, 1872 in Hardin County. Sarah and Charles and their family are discussed in Section 4.