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Section 2. Benjamin and Maria Rightmire
(Benjamin2 Rightmire, Robert1)

(2) Benjamin Rightmire lived in Washington County in 1830, 1840, and 1860. The 1860 census clearly shows that this Benjamin Rightmire is not the Benjamin Rightmire who is the son of James Rightmire, Sr. Interestingly, in the 1860 census, both Benjamin Rightmires are identified as being age 52 and born in Ohio! We believe the Washington County Benjamin is a son of Robert Ritemire and the Hardin County Benjamin is the son of James Rightmire, Sr.

The following information is helpful:

1830 Ohio Census, Washington County, Newport Twp.:

Rightmire, Benjamin
1 male, age 15 to 20.
1 male, age 20 to 30 [Benjamin, age 22]
2 females, age 10 to 15
1 white female, age 40 to 50

1840 Ohio Census Index, Washington County, Newport Twp.:

Rightmeir, Benjamin (age 32)
1 male, age 20 to 30 [Benjamin, age 32]
3 females under 5
1 female, age 20 to 30
1 female, age 30 to 40
1 female, age 50 to 60

1860 Ohio Census, Washington Co., Newport Twp.

Benjamin Rightmire, age 52, Male, Farmer, Born in Ohio
Maria Rightmire, age 36, Female, House keeper, Born in Ohio
Serena Rightmire, age 12, Female, Born in Ohio, (attended school)

It is difficult to make sense out of the earlier census results. He may have had another family with him. The 1860 census is a little clearer. Maria is assumed to be his wife, but her age should be about 46, not 36. Vernon Vinzant's records show that Maria was born in either 1813 or 1814. Based on the 1860 census, we believe that Benjamin and Maria had a daughter:

(3) Serena Rightmire was born in either 1847 or 1848. Serena Rightmire died in Summit County, Ohio on November 19, 1920.