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Section 2. The Lydia Rightmire and Solomon Headington Family
(Lydia3 Rightmire, Harrison2, James1, Sr.)

(3) Lydia Rightmire was born in 1843. We know a little bit about Lydia from her great, great, granddaughter, Dianna Suarez. Several months ago, Dianna sent the following email:

"Lydia Rightmire....may be the older sister of your grandfather, Winfield Scott Rightmire.
I got Lydia's name from my great grandmother's death certificate. What I know about Lydia Rightmire is that she married Solomon Headington and gave birth in Decorah, Iowa in 1872 to my great grandmother. Lydia is listed in the 1870 Winnesheik County, Iowa census along with Solomon Headington and 2 sons, Charlie and Burr or Burt. The same census in 1880 lists Solomon with a wife, Susan and the same 2 sons plus my great grandmother Laura Headington and Eva and George. We think Lydia may have died between 1872 and 1880. According to some information I got from Karen Davis, Lydia would be 9 years older that your grandfather."

I later received the following update on Lydia from Dianna:

"The William Rightmire that was living with Solomon Headington and Lydia Rightmire during the 1870 Winnesheik Co., Census was 19 years old, born in Ohio, and listed as a farm laborer. Solomon is listed as a farmer and born in Ohio. Lydia is also listed as born in Ohio. There are several other Headingtons listed in the same area."

"My great, grand mother, Laura Headington did have two brothers named Charlie and Burt. One change is that we didn't know when Lydia died until my Mom visited the Rockvale, Montana cemetery where Solomon Headington is buried (1906) and next to him was 'Lydia' 1843-1921."

Dianna referred to a William Rightmire. I believe the William Rightmire staying with Lydia and Solomon during the 1870 census was Lydia's and Winfield Scott's brother. William was born around 1849-51, so he would have been about 19-21 when the census was taken. I believe Winfield's brothers were Ohio farmers.

Dianna later provided a web site on the Descendants of Benjamin Headington which provided considerable information on Lydia and on one of her daughter's, Laura (FamilyTreeMaker.com/Users). Most of the following is taken from that source. Lydia and Solomon had at least six children:

(4) Burt Headington, born in 1868.
(4) Charles Headington, born in 1869.
(4) Laura Olive Headington, born February 10, 1872.
(4) Eva Headington, born in 1874.
(4) George Headington, born in 1878.
(4) Cora Headington

As noted above, Lydia died in 1921 and is buried in the Rockvale, Montana Cemetary where Solomon Headington, her husband, is buried. He had died earlier on April 14, 1906.

Shown below is a picture of George, Charles, Burt, Eva, Laura and Cora. This picture was sent to me by Dianna Suarez. As mentioned, Laura is Dianna's great, grandmother. The only additional information I have is on Laura Olive Headington.

Starting at top left and going clockwise: George Headington, Charlie Headington, Burt Headington, Eva Headington, Laura Headington, and Cora Headington. Picture provided by
Dianna Suarez.

(4) Laura Olive Headington married William Ira Goff sometime before 1893. William was born on January 15, 1861 in Washington County, Iowa and died on April 21, 1943. Laura died on September 9, 1952. They are buried together in Joliet, Montana.

Laura and William had two daughters: Hazel Goff, born on April 17, 1893 in Plainview, Pierce County, Nebraska and Gladys Goff, born on October 1894.

(5) Hazel Goff married Lavern John Daniels on June 21, 1913 in Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana. Lavern was born April 24, 1890, in Gilmore City, Iowa. They had three children:

(6) Iris Daniels, born May 9, 1918 in Joliet, Carbon Co., Montana.
(6) Fredrick Eugene Daniels, born Sept. 17, 1921 in Joliet, Carbon Co., Montana.
(6) Norma Daniels, born on January 26, 1927.

Iris Daniels married Henry Reimers, June 28, 1944.

Fredrick Eugene Daniels married Helen Marguerite Gjevre, December 20, 1947. Fredrick is Dianna Suarez's father.

Norma Daniels, married Ralph Hartse in 1947.