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Section 11. Milton Bryan Rightmire and Doris Irene Cameron
(Milton Bryan5 Rightmire, Vernon Elmer4, William3, Benjamin2, James1, Sr.)

(5) Milton Bryan Rightmire, Vernon Elmer and Eva's second child, married Doris Irene Cameron on August 1, 1937, in Platteville, Colorado. Because of the graciousness of Vernon Vinzant, we have more information about Milton Bryan Rightmire than any of our other relatives. Milton was Vernon's father-in-law. Most importantly, the information is directly from Milton as recorded by Vernon and his wife, Barbara.

This account was written February 1996, by Vernon Vinzant, and is based on information provided by Milton in June 1995 and direct knowledge of Vernon and Barbara Rightmire Vinzant. It was revised August 1997, based on further discussions with Milton in July 1997. Milton usually went by the nickname, Bud. The following is taken directly from Vernon Vizant:

"Milton (Bud) always said he was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, but he was actually born in University Place, a suburb of Lincoln. 'He thinks that he was born at home--not in a hospital.' Bud's Birth Certificate gives University Place, Lancaster County, Nebraska, as place of birth.

"In his young years, sometime after his sister, Ruth, was born in 1914 in Iowa, the family moved to Colorado. At one time, the family lived on one (of two) of the farms of Benjamin Rightmire, Vernon Elmer's brother. That farm was about 3 miles northwest of Kersey and Bud's family lived there before Bud was in school (3 or 4 years old). When Bud was in grade school, his Uncle Benjamin had a lumberyard in Kersey, Colorado and a farm about six miles south of Kersey. Bud quit High School (when he was a Junior) to go to work in a garage as a general helper."

"Beginning in June 1931, he worked as a garage mechanic in Greeley, Colorado. In 1933 he went to work for Greeley Ice and Storage, delivering ice and coal. He worked for Greeley Ice and Storage for seven years."

"He met Doris Irene Cameron and they eloped and were married in Platteville, Colorado on August 1, 1937."

Milton (Bud) and Doris had five children:

(6) Barbara Ann Rightmire born March 3, 1938 in Greely, Colorado.
(6) Donald Lee Rightmire born December 19, 1939 in Greely, Colorado.
(6) Vernon Leon Rightmire born December 2, 1940 in Greely, Colorado.
(6) Gary Lynn Rightmire born December 24, 1941 in Independence, Missouri.
(6) Carol Annette Rightmire born February 1, 1943 in Casper, Wyoming.

As noted above, Barbara Ann, Donald Lee, and Vernon Leon Rightmire were all born in Greely, Colorado. After that, Bud and his family always seemed to be on the move: "Seeking better employment, in 1941 he left his family in Colorado and went to Independence, Missouri, where he worked in a shop assembling stoves for four months until January 1942. His family joined him shortly after he found employment. Gary Lynn, their fourth child, was born there December 24, 1941."

"In April 1942, the family moved to McKinley Street in Casper, Wyoming, and lived there about a year, then moved to Hy Park (on CY Avenue; these were a bunch of houses moved in after W.W. II). Carol Annette, their fifth child, was born February 1, 1943."

In 1948, the family finally settled down. In March of that year, "Bud was employed as a Boiler Attendant by Standard Oil Company (later renamed American Oil Company; AMOCO) in their oil refinery at Casper, Wyoming. He remained with them until his retirement in 1973."

"On October 14, 1989, Doris passed away from complications following heart surgery. After Doris' death, Bud continued to enjoy sharing lunch after church with friends, one of whom was a widow, Rosanne Unick Dungan. They were married February 1, 1992. After their marriage, their home was at 1300 Nottingham Drive, Casper, Wyoming. In late 1995, they sold that five bedroom home and moved to Apartment 3 at 102 Lennox, Casper. In 1996, they moved to Apartment #1, 1450 Trojan Drive, Casper."

Bud died on October 23, 1999. He was cremated and his ashes remain at Wyoming Memorial Gardens, Casper, Wyoming.

Background on his children:

(6) Barbara Ann Rightmire, born March 3, 1938 in Greeley, Colorado, is the oldest child of Milton Bryan Rightmire and Doris Irene Cameron. She married Vernon Vaughn Vinzant. Vernon was born January 15, 1936 in Clay Center, Kansas. Vernon has been very active in the genealogy studies of the Rightmire family and has contributed most of the information in this report.

Barbara and Vernon have two children, Keith Edward Vinzant, born August 8, 1965 and Diane Christine Vinzant, October 25, 1969. They also have five grandchildren. Keith married Sandra Sue Stratmeyer on September 20, 1990 at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota. They have three children: Skyler Vaughn Vinzant, born August 21, 1991, Dylan Cole Vinzant, born May 1, 1994, and Hayden Reed Vinzant, born June 21, 1996. Diane Christine married Wayne Scott Sagerer on August 10, 1991 in Marshall, Texas. They have two children: Zachary Scott Sagerer, born May 23, 1993 and Bethany Ann Sagerer, born March 20, 1997.

(6) Donald Lee Rightmire, born December 19, 1939 in Greeley, Colorado is the second child of Milton and Doris. He married Carol Gunning on September 7, 1962 in Greeley, Colorado. They had two children: Dawn Rachelle Rightmire, born December 3, 1972 and David Foster Rightmire, born July 6, 1978. Donald and Carol have one grandchild. Dawn Rachelle had a child, Alexandra Damelita, born January 30, 1996.

(6) Vernon Leon Rightmire, born December 2, 1940 in Greeley, Colorado, is the third child of Milton and Doris. Vernon married Betsy Sherrard December 29, 1967 in Casper, Wyoming. Vernon and Betsy had three children: Sean Eric Rightmire, born December 14, 1968, Jennifer Rebecca Rightmire, born June 23, 1970, and Ryan James Rightmire, born November 15, 1976. Vernon and Betsy have two granddaughters. Their daughter, Jennifer Rebecca, married Edwin Arthur Burch April 6, 1991. They have two children: April Burch, born May 30, 1990, and Ashley Burch, born September 20, 1995.

(6) Gary Lynn Rightmire, born December 24, 1941 in Kansas City, Missouri. Gary married Barbara Jean Read April 8, 1988 in Douglas, Wyoming.

(6) Carol Annette Rightmire, born February 1, 1943 in Casper, Natrona Co., Wyoming. She married Ralph LeRoy Hedstrom on September 16, 1962 in Casper, Wyoming. They had two children: Brad Alan Hedstrom, born October 25, 1963 and Brian Brooks Hedstrom, born July 6, 1970. Carol and Ralph have two grandchildren. Brad Alan Hedstrom married Carole Alean Zent, September 3, 1988 in Casper, Wyoming. They had one child; Dane Killian Hedstrom, born April 29, 1992 in Victoria, BC, Canada. Brian Brooks Hedstrom married Rhonda Annette Carlson on May 14, 1994 in Wheatland, Wyoming. They had one child: Zachary Bryce Hedstrom, born July 9, 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona.