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Section 3. Alpheus Rightmire and Cassie Ford

(3) Alpheus Rightmire, born in 1821 probably in Taylor County, West Virginia. Alpheus' story is told above. He married Cassie Ford on March 20, 1845. Alpheus and Cassie had at seven children: (4) Thomas Henry Warder Rightmire, (4) Launa Rightmire, (4) Wesley Rightmire, (4) Elijah Washington Rightmire, born 1846, (4) Adolphus Rightmire, (4) Raymond Fairfax Rightmire, and (4) Nancy Eunice Rightmire. I have no further information on the first four. The following summarizes further information on Adolphus, Raymond Fairfax, and Nancy Eunice.

(4) Adolphus Rightmire, born March 16, 1851 in Taylor County, West Virginia. In September, 1877, he married Augusta Barnes. He died after 1889. Adolphus and Augusta had four children:

(5) Byron Rightmire was born in Taylor county, West Virginia, March 31, 1880. In December, 1909, he married Nellie Baker.

(5) Ina Rightmire, born January 19, 1879. In 1904, Ina married Ross C. Shiver.

(5) Edna Rightmire, born April 26, 1884 in West Virginia. She married Arthur Absalom Hall on September 10, 1910. Edna died in 1964. Children of Edna and Arthur are: Ina Barnes Hall, Arthur A. Hall, Jr., and Evelyn August Hall.

(5) Beulah Rightmire, born December 04, 1887. She married Roy F Read.

(4) Raymond Fairfax Rightmire, born before 1861 in Barbour Co, Virginia. He married Emeline Virginia Harvey on August 15. 1876 in Barbour County, Virginia. Raymond and Emeline had three children:

(5) Warren Rightmire, born March 3, 1876 in Barbour County, Virginia. He married Ella Orr and they had one child: Pauline Virginia Rightmire. Pauline married a man named Harris, first name unknown. They had two children: Sarah Ellen Harris and Alice Virginia Harris.

(5) Clyde Rightmire, born August 18, 1884 in Barbour County, Virginia. He died in November, 1964.

(5) Clara Alice Rightmire, born March 16, 1889 near Thornton, Taylor County, West Virginia.

(4) Nancy Eunice Rightmire, born in 1859 in Taylor County, West Virginia. She married Jerome Betell Harvey on December 23, 1878 in Taylor County, West Virginia. They had one child: (5) Ada May Harvey, born December 19, 1881 in Taylor, West Virginia. Ada married Edwin Neal Lock. They had three children:

(6) Lena May Lock, born March 14, 1898 in Morrfield, Taylor County, West Virginia.

(6) Jessie Lock, born June 20, 1900. He died June 21, 1909

(6) Edwin Neal Lock, Jr., born April 27, 1903. He died March 16, 1908.

I have more information on Lena May Lock. She married (1) Harold F. Brown and they had one child: Harold Noble Brown, born February 12. 1941. Harold died on April 22, 1950 in Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia. Lena later married (2) Edwin Lee Valentine in 1915 in Oakland, Maryland and they had three children. I have the name of only one. The other two are still living and their names are withheld to protect privacy. The one child is Edwin Lock Valentine, born April 7, 1920 in Grafton, Taylor County, West Virginia. Lena May died April 22, 1950 in Fairmont, West Virginia.

Edwin Lock Valentine married (1) a Shahan (first name unknown), then he married (2) Francis Marie Copely. She died December 16, 1972 in Covina, California. He then married (3) Marilyn White. Finally, he married (4) Mary Elinor Hawkins on November 22, 1940 in Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia. Edwin died March 31, 1984, in Covina, Los Angeles, California.

Edwin and his first wife had one child; he had two children with his second wife, Francis Marie Copely; and he had three children with his fourth and last wife, Mary Elinor Hawkins. Names of all children are withheld because they are still alive. Edwin also had several grandchildren and great grandchildren, still alive.